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SAP - Advantaged Solutions, Inc.

Contract #: N00104-08-A-ZF42
Type: Software - ESI
Provider: SAP Public Services, Inc.
Awarded: 9/15/2008 Expires: 06/30/2017
Status: Active
Inventory: No
Lead: Navy
Categories: ERP, Business Objects
Synopsis: A Blanket Purchase Agreement was awarded to Advantaged Solutions, Inc. under the Enterprise Software Initiative for Advantaged Solutions, Inc. products. Products include software licenses, software maintenance support, and information technology professional services. Note: This BPA was awarded non-competitively against GSA schedule. It is the responsibility of the Ordering Officer to ensure compliance with all fiscal laws prior to issuing an order under a BPA, and to ensure that the vendor selected represents the best value for the requirement being ordered (see FAR 8.404).

There is an automated quoting and ordering system available for credit card orders at the e-commerce site ITEC Direct. User registration is required. Please note that use of the system is not mandatory. The ITEC Direct site can also be used to obtain market research quotes; however, it is the responsibility of the Ordering Officer to use the solicitation method deemed appropriate (refer to FAR 8.4).

Ordering Guide

Note: SAP has acquired the software company Business Objects. Current Business Objects products are available on the SAP ESI agreements with SAP Public Services, Inc., Advantaged Solutions, Carahsoft Technology Inc. and Oakland Consulting Group. Some legacy Business Object products are not available through the current SAP resellers and may be obtained through GSA Schedule vendors.